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Accessibility On Your Terms

Life as a disabled person is unpredictable. Accessibility isn’t a sure thing.

And “accessible” often means “bare minimum.” Tight stalls. No grab bars. Out of reach toilet paper. The whole ordeal is a real piss off.

(Pun intended!)

And then… you’re left with terrible options: limiting water intake, holding your pee, or wearing a bulky disposable to catch unwanted leaks. Neither ideal, nor comfortable.

It’s time for a real solution

It’s time for 


You’ve Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers!

Spouti™ is an external assistive device designed to create a seal around your urethra with a heavy side of inclusivity! It uses physics to provide a leak-free (and pain-free!) experience. Given its reusable nature, it’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly too!

Spouti™ isn’t just here to catch your urine — it’s here to help you catch a break! Here’s how:


This product was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. In fact, our silicone is so lightweight you can leave it in as you go about your day. Once it’s secured in place, you’ll be able to take a whiz throughout the day. You read that right… You can stop scheduling your life around pee! 


And the best part? It’s completely non-invasive!


Spouti™ is non-invasive and discreet enough to take (or wear) anywhere you go. It’s easy to clean and gentle for your skin, so you don’t have to worry about wetness or discomfort from long-term catheterization

Spouti™ was initially intended for standing, but it’s perfect for sitting too making Spouti™ a game changer for anyone who uses mobility aids.

It also works great when you’re lying down! We’ll go into that more in our instructions below!

Spouti™ was engineered so you can freely take a leak, but when it comes to independent placement – it depends!

In general, if you can use “other” items down there you’ll be fine to insert this and aim the tube. If not, you’ll still experience an extra layer of bodily autonomy because once it’s in for the day… It stays all day long!

First Time Using Spouti™


It can be intimidating to try something new, especially down there.

Instructions rarely consider physical disability as a factor, but we’ve got you covered!

Let’s get to your tailored tips:

Finding Your Urethra

Let’s get down to the details! Especially for the first few times, it might be best to lie down, when possible.


Before the search begins, wash and dry your hands — or, if someone else is helping, have them do the same. This step is crucial in avoiding UTIs, so resist the urge to skip it. 


If you have been using insertable catheters previously, you may already know where your urethra is typically found. Exact location varies person to person, but it’s often found just above the vaginal opening. Or sometimes even tucked just into the opening. It can be super tricky to find so here are a few tried and true ways to locate it:

  • Feel around. Even if this feels weird for you, keep your eye on the prize. Using the tip of your finger, you’ll discover something that feels like a donut. When you put a small amount of pressure on it it might feel tender or like you have to pee. Eureka! You found your urethra!

  • Get someone you trust to take a little look-see. The urethra isn’t easy for the naked eye to see, but it’s totally possible. It’s helpful if they have a flashlight. They’ll need to gently push back some of the skin in that area to take a closer look. When they do they should see a small hole. Congrats, it’s your urethra!

    And if all else fails…

  • Follow your streams. Literally. It sounds strange, but you may need to take a hand mirror, position it so you can see, and let out some pee. This will definitively show you where your urethra is! 


Before placing Spouti™, make sure you are reasonably dry and clean to ensure that you do not experience irritation. 


Next, you (or someone else) will need to revisit your urethra so the cup can surround it. You’ll want the back of the cup to sit just inside the vaginal opening. It’s usually good to push it a little further back than you think, but not so far back you spring a leak at the front! 


  • If someone’s placing it for you, try lying on your side with your legs in a “sitting” position! This way, your legs stay closed and Spouti™ stays in.

  • If you’re being lifted to (or from) a mobility aid, medical tape comes in handy! Use it to tape the top of the tube to your thigh. This prevents it from ending up underneath you as you sit. 

You’ll need to run a finger around the cup so your labia wraps around it, making it snug and comfortable. The rim of the cup may dip into your vaginal entrance — this is normal! The tab will likely rest under your clitoris. If it’s lying on your clitoris, it can be modified for a better fit. Feel free to contact us and we’ll talk you through it!

Keeping your thighs together supports the cup and holds it in place. So, wherever and whenever you choose to pee, keep this in mind.

Prepping For Practice


Getting the hang of placement may take a few tries before you get a leak-free seal. This is perfectly normal so please be patient with yourself! 


Since testing our product in the shower isn’t accessible for everyone, it’s helpful to prep a designated space instead. We recommend laying out an absorbent underpad wherever you plan to try it. Once you get the knack of placement, this step won’t be necessary. 


It may take time to work up to wearing Spouti™ for a full 8-10 hours. This is a sensitive area after all! Trust your body and allow yourself to adapt at your own pace. 

Go With The Flow


The time has come to take Spouti™ for a spin! You may choose to do this test lying down on the underpad, juuust in case!

This leaves you with the option to readjust its placement, if needed.

Our tubes can withstand high-pressure liquids so you won’t have to restrict your stream. But while you’re in the practice phase, it helps to release small amounts at a time. This will show you if the cup is in the right place. Once you know it’s working, there’s no need to hold back! 


You’ll want to aim the end of the tube downward, so gravity takes over and creates a vacuum. You can use a disposable container, cup or bag to catch the urine if you can’t reach a toilet. 


When you’re done peeing, some will likely be stuck in the tube. You can empty it by giving it a few shakes or pinching it where it’s pooled.

Keep It Clean 


It’s important to clean Spouti™ when you take it off for the night – and it is important to remember: Do not wear this overnight! This area needs to breath to stay healthy! Wash Spouti™ with anti-bacterial soap and water is extremely effective. Because it is made with silicone you can even boil it if desired!

No More Waiting
Enjoy Life On Your Terms