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About Us

The option to have the ability to stand to pee is growing in popularity around the world. Public toilets are gross! No one wants to sit on a toilet seat someone else just used – which is sometimes painfully obvious given the condition of the seat. Some of us don’t want to sit to pee to and others aren’t able to. 

My Experience

There are dozens of STPS on the market and we’ve personally scouted them out ourselves. We spend 4 years looking for something that would let us stand to pee consistently. But honestly? We didn’t find what we were looking for. Everything out there was too expensive, too fraught with failures, and too much the same as every other device we tried out.

It was clearly time to take matters into our own hands.

Our Solution

Spouti™ eliminates STP woes at the source – Your urethra! Position the soft cup directly over your urethra creating a seamless pathway for urine. Through meticulous engineering Spouti™ maintains a seal all day long. When you feel nature calling simply unzip, aim the 10 inch flexible silicone tubing towards the receptacle of your choice, and go on with your life. No muss, no fuss, no leaks, and absolutely no toilet paper necessary! 

Why Are We Here?

Spouti™ has a mission to allow everyone access to a leak free STP experience.

After 4 years of desperately searching for an STP that WORKED – we gave up. We could no longer waste another dollar, another moment, on funnel shaped STPs that leaked and spilled.

When we designed Spouti™ we realized it needed to stand out. Not just in performance, but also in accessibility. Our goal was simple: Create an STP, suitable for anyone interested, that doesn’t cause mortifying leaks and spills.


Spouti™ was designed to be gender neutral making Spouti™ accessible for transmen, non-binary folks, and cisgender women. Thanks to some amazing reviewers we are also able to extend Spouti™ to AFAB persons who use a wheelchair as well!


Community Driven

You may have seen us on our Kickstarter campaign where we collaborated with community backers to create Spouti™! Through giveaways and community collaboration we seek to bring Spouti™ to everyone possible.

We continue to grow our community involvement and contribution as members of HRBOR and the NGLCC

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