My Spouti, LLC

One reviewer shared these words: “There are a few moments during transition that stand out as memorably euphoric... The first time I peed standing up made me feel so whole. I can’t thank Spouti enough for helping me reaffirm my true self!”

We wanted to make sure that Spouti stood out, not just in performance, but also in accessibility. Our goal was simple: Let anyone who does not have an extended urethra pee while standing.

Spouti™ has been specifically designed to be gender neutral

making Spouti™ accessible for transmen, non-binary folks, and cisgender women

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from - Spouti™ is here for you

Thanks to some amazing reviewers we are also able to extend Spouti™ to AFAB persons who use a wheelchair as well!

Credits for icons used on Site and Packaging
Bicycle: Fahrrad-Symbol 01 KMJ.png
Heart: Icon made by Freepik from