Restroom access is often taken for granted, but every single day thousands of people struggle to use public restroom accommodations.

Beyond the fact that public toilets are gross and no one wants to sit on a toilet seat upon which it is painfully obvious someone just “hovered” – many of us aren’t able to use public facilities at all. Sometimes because it isn’t safe to do so, and sometimes because the stalls simply won’t accommodate our needs.


This is WHY we made Spouti™

My Experience

For me personally, I needed an assitive device that would allow me to stand to pee. We scouted multiple stand to pee devices ourselves. After 4 years of leaks, spills, and disgustingly after-use wetness we realized that we would never find what we were looking for unless we made it ourselves.  Thus, we created Spouti™ – The Leak Free Stand to Pee Device.

Our Application

By creating Spouti™  – a device that seals externally around the urethra – we eliminate all the STP woes we’d been fighting against the last 4 years. Now you can simply position Spouti™ directly over your urethra to create a seal. Through meticulous engineering, Spouti™ maintains a seal all day long. But even better than that – we found that Spouti™ could help so many more people than we originally understood.

Why Are We Here?

Spouti™ has a mission to help everyone we can access the restroom consistently, cleanly, and comfortably!

To us, restroom access is key to our ability to access life. So here at My Spouti, LLC we have dedicated ourselves to helping anyone assigned female at birth.

Whether you are transgender, cisgender, or non-binary. Whether you are looking to stand to pee, or to pee while sitting. In an airplane, or in a car. (Whether you are near or far – this is starting to sound like Dr. Seuss….)

Point is – if you need help accessing the restroom, Spouti™ is here to do whatever it can to help you eliminate at least one of life’s obstacles.


Community Driven

You may have seen us on our Kickstarter campaign where we collaborated with community backers to create Spouti™! Through giveaways and community collaboration we seek to bring Spouti™ to everyone possible.

We continue to grow our community involvement and contribution as members of HRBOR and the NGLCC

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