Your Spouti™ has arrived

Now it's time to get down to business!

Finding your urethra isn’t intuitive, so we’ve pulled together our experiences from the last two years to help get you peeing like a pro. This is a part three of a series so stay tuned!

A reminder from a previous post: Achieve the Perfect Seal – Successful Spouti™ Placement

  • Make sure you are completely dry before placement

  • Make sure you are standing with your legs together

  • Make sure the Spouti™ tab is resting underneath the clitoris


You’ve done it. You found your urethra, you’ve gotten Spouti™ centered, you have the best STP experience ever, but there is so much urine in the tube.

So you reach out to the good folks at My Spouti, LLC and ask:

How the heck do I clear this tubing??


When urine fills the tube it creates a vacuum that will need to be broken. The first trick is to try and point the tubing down far enough that the tip is lower than the Spouti™ – this helps make a syphon.

When you are done going, you will want to squeeze your thighs/buttocks just out of sync with squeezing the tubing, like “squeeze thighs, squeeze tube,

squeeze thighs, squeeze tube” – this creates pressure in the tubing and pushes the urine out, at some point you might notice the vaccume break loose and a little squirt of urine fly out of the tube – Be sure to be aiming down!!!

This syncopated squeezing will get out the majority of the urine, but chances are there is still a little bit left hanging around. To clear these last drips, you want to lift the tubing upwards and then firmly swing it down – it takes a little practice to get a good swing without splashing little droplets all over the back of a toilet seat – but this motion seriously helps get out any stubborn droplets.

We find that it also helps to reach down and give a little push on the tubing right at the Spouti™ – because of angles it has a slump in that section and giving it a press lifts the urine over that slump so it can slip out the rest of the tubing.

You will develop your own routine for clearing the tube – but do yourself a favor and take the extra time to make sure you have cleared the tube, or you will get avoid pee drips! If those drips end up running down your leg, or making a dark spot on your pants you will 100% kick yourself for not taking those couple extra moments to clear the tubing!

Don’t forget to give your Spouti™ a quick wash at the end of the day and always do a thorough scrub before placement! Spouti™ lives in a sensitive location so make sure to take good care of your health!

As always – if you have any questions, or need any advice, reach out to us through our email or any of our social media platforms. We have over 2 years of experience placing Spouti™ models and it is our pleasure to use our expertise to ensure that you have the best, and leak free, STP experience possible!

My Spouti. LLC

My Spouti. LLC

Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, is roughly half an ounce in weight, and is made with soft, biocompatible, FDA approved silicone. Spouti™ uses fluid dynamics to eliminate backflow, allowing the user to void on-demand and remain completely dry. Our form-fitting design is completely comfortable for continuous and prolonged wear. The support of the labia and the pressure of the thighs keeps Spouti™ in place, the application of silicone tape can create a stronger hold for users as needed. While the main application for Spouti™ is to allow female users to void while standing - typically in a backpacking type environment, several of our current users wear Spouti™ from their wheelchairs. Placement requires the user to locate their urethra and center it beneath the cup. This typically takes 20-30 seconds once the user has become familiar with placement. Spouti™ is simple to clean. After removal and/or before placement, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Spouti™ can also be boiled if desired.