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Welcome Ladies!

There is an old tale you know well. Woman goes camping. Woman has to pee. Woman has to squat behind a bush and try not to fall over. Or maybe you’ve heard this one? Women goes to the grocery store. Woman has to pee. Woman looks at the toilets and they are all gross. Or maybe this one? Woman goes anywhere in public. Woman needs an accessible stall but all the stalls are too small for her to use properly or lack the correct maneuvering equipment. Public restroom facilities are gross and often nearly impossible to use if you have a disability.  

You shouldn’t have to sit on the toilet because g-d knows what has been on that seat or when it was last cleaned. The last person before you clearly tried to hover. And failed. How about another story? You reach over to grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe it up., but the pee soaks through to your fingers filling you with horror. We all know that the seat papers are a total joke and a waste of trees.

You might be wondering, who is this guy and what could he possibly know about this? It’s a great question – the simple answer is, I’m just me. I found a need and I am doing what I can to fill it. If you are sick of sitting on public toilets or busting ass squatting in the woods – you’ve come to the right place!

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"Is this practical for women though?"

My wife and I have tried several stand to pee devices. Most of them work fine – if you are willing to drop your pants, pull your fancy-schmancy pee funnel out of your backpack, aim it juuuust right, and sling the leftover urine droplets off before slipping your used funnel back into its case (if you have one) and back into your backpack. Or purse. It’s pretty gross all and all.

We got sick of that and I created Spouti™!

Imagine it’s 10 degrees outside. Spouti™ keeps you completely covered and completely dry. You unzip one zipper, pull out the tube, and go. Once you’re done you give it a couple shakes (more than a few and you’re just playing with it right??)

No toilet paper to bury or touch, nor urine soaked carry case in your purse. No weird pee device in your purse period! You and Spouti™ work together throughout the day to eliminate those awful public restroom encounters.

My Experience

“When I wear Spouti™ every day muscle memory kicks in and I can place Spouti™ in literally 20 seconds. I timed myself! When I haven’t worn Spouti™ in a week or so it takes me a few tries to remember where it goes. This placement is 100% unique to you.” – Kellen Berry

Our Solution

So now that you have it… how do you put Spouti™ on?

Spouti™ is an external product. It sits between your thighs and labia. Placing your finger of your urethra, you will want to aim to center the cup so that the urethra is in the center. 


If you are having trouble getting the hang of it shoot us a message! After 2 years of using Spouti™ ourselves we know all the tricks!

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