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You might be wondering, who is this guy to create a product for women to stand and pee? It’s a great question – the simple answer is, I’m just me. I found a need and I am doing what I can to fill it. Public restrooms are gross. You don’t want to sit on the toilet because g-d knows what has been on that seat or when it was last cleaned. The last person before you clearly tried to hover. And failed.

Do you reach over to grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe it up? Does the pee sometimes soak through filling you with horror? We all know that the seat papers are a total joke and a waste of trees.

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"Is this practical for women though?"

If you go camping like my wife and I then you don’t need me to tell you that finding a restroom when you have to go is not always easy out in the woods. For sure, you can try and find a rock, or a bush, or a really wide tree and then you hope no one comes by while you drop your drawers, balance yourself for a squat. 

Hopefully, that aims everything far enough away that you don’t dribble on your pants, then pull out the toilet paper and bury that…. It’s do able. Now imagine it’s 10 degrees outside. Spouti™ keeps you completely covered and completely dry.


Universal ability to stand to pee is growing in popularity around the world. Public toilets are gross! No one wants to sit on a toilet seat someone else just used. Some of us don’t want to sit to pee to begin with. 

My Experience

Did you know that it’s faster to pee while standing than it is to pee while sitting? I’ve scouted around the STP market myself, looking for something that would let me stand to pee consistently. But honestly? I didn’t find what I was looking for. Everything out there was too expensive, too frustrating, and too much the same as every other device I tried out.

Our Solution

Spouti™ eliminates STP woes at the source – Your urethra! Position the soft cup directly over your urethra to create a seamless pathway for urine and stays in place all day long. When you feel nature calling simply unzip, aim the 10 inch flexible silicone tubing towards the receptacle of your choice, and go on with your life. No muss, no fuss, no leaks, and absolutely no wiping. 

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