Spouti™ For Men On The Go

Transition comes with a variety of challenges. Using the restroom shouldn’t have to be one of them. This is 2020 after all. I spent 4 years of my life trying to find an STP solution that suited my needs, and I just couldn’t find one. Either it was too expensive for me to even think about trying, or I gave it a shot and it was awful. Leaks, spills, mortification… Harnesses…

All it did was remind me, over and over again, how incomplete I was. So I stopped even trying. I decided to give this STP device thing one last try. This time though, I made the STP myself.

Did You Know?

Spouti™ Uses Physics

You have to keep your legs together. Just while you are peeing! Spouti™ works off physics, not magic. (I wish though...) Once you place the cup over your urethra the rim presses against your skin and makes a seal. When you stand up with your legs together the pressure holds Spouti™ in place. So don't try to stand like a cowboy! You'll pee your Spouti™ right off! 🙂

Pro Tips

Stay Clean Out There

The most important thing with Spouti™, well one, is cleanliness. Seriously. Keep it clean. I have tested it out at a variety of levels of "clean", but it's pretty easy to keep clean. Grab some hand soap, gently/firmly rub the soap all over, then rinse it off with warm water. I like to rinse a bunch of soap through the tube and we offer pipe cleaners with each Spouti™.

More Questions?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Spouti™ is an external product. It sits between the sides of your front area. Placing your finger of your urethra, you will want to aim to center the cup so that the urethra is in the center.


“When I wear Spouti™ every day muscle memory kicks in and I can place Spouti™ in literally 20 seconds. I timed myself. Recorded it too! When I haven’t work Spouti™ in a week or so it takes me a few tries to remember where it goes. This placement is 100% unique to you.” – Kellen Berry

Placement Instructions Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Spouti™ does not come with a penile prosthetic. We are looking into the possibility of partnering Spouti™ with current packer producers, however that is a ways off at this time. Until then, if you are interested in packing and you don’t already have a packer handy I recommend purchasing something Like This for a more realistic look. These sleeves are lightweight and can be found in various skin tones

You can also run the tube through most of the hollow packers you might have already purchased. My Spouti, LLC does not guarantee that Spouti™ will operate effectively with any other prosthetics but we encourage you to test them out!

Made With Care

We’ve worked hard on making this the best product not just for standing to pee, but providing gender euphoria. Time to go out and conquer the restroom like you’re true self! We greatly appreciate your support and we hope that Spouti™ fills every criteria you have in an STP.

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