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Tips for Men

Spouti™ For Men On The Go

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No matter who you are, transition comes with a variety of challenges. Using the restroom shouldn’t have to be one of them.

We spent 4 years trying to find an STP solution that worked without success. STP packers were either too expensive ($600 USD???), or the STP function was awful. Leaks, spills, mortification…

All it did was remind me, over and over again, how incomplete I was. I felt trapped and hopeless, so I stopped trying to STP. When I schedule my consultation for lower surgery in 2018 I realized that I had to take one last crack at it – but this time I was going to create the STP myself.

Did You Know?

Spouti™ Uses Physics

Spouti™ works off physics, not magic. (I wish though...) Once you place the cup over your urethra the rim presses against your skin and makes a seal. When you stand up with your legs together the pressure holds Spouti™ in place.
It may be tempting to try to adopt a stance that you think makes you "pee like a man" - but you have to keep your upper thighs together while you are peeing!

So no cowboy stance buckaroo! You'll pee your Spouti™ right off! 🙂

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Spouti™ is an external product. It sits between your thighs and the other parts of your crotch. Placing your finger of your urethra, you will want to aim to center the cup so that the urethra is in the center. If you are having trouble getting the hang of it shoot us a message! After 2 years of using Spouti™ ourselves we know all the tricks!


“When I wear Spouti™ every day muscle memory kicks in and I can place Spouti™ in literally 20 seconds. I timed myself. Recorded it too! When I haven’t worn Spouti™ in a week or so it takes me a few tries to remember where it goes. This placement is 100% unique to you.” – Kellen Berry

Ready to put Spouti™ on? Detailed Visual Instructions Here!

Coming Soon!

Spouti™ does not come with a penile prosthetic

but there are plenty of options out there if you’d like to pack. If you are interested in packing and you don’t already have a packer handy, I recommend purchasing something like a penis extension sleeve for a harness free, lightweight experience. You can check some of them out on Amazon simply check out one that matches your skin tone and the trim to size! 

 My Spouti, LLC does not guarantee that Spouti™ will operate effectively with any other prosthetics but we encourage you to test them out!

Important Notes On Tubing Length

If you are experimenting with the length of your tubing do not cut it too short! 10 inches might seem like a lot, but you need a little slack in the tubing to prevent your movement from pulling on Spouti™ and breaking your seal. Take it slow as you experiment with reducing the length of the tubing. If you find you’ve cut it too short you can use your replacement tube as backup. Don’t worry, we also offer Replacement Tube Packs so if you get a little over zealous just hop online and order a new set of tubes. We recommend the 10″ tubes for packers 6 inches or less, and we recommend the 15″ tubes for packers 7″ and longer.

No Prosthetic? No Problem!

As one last side note – if you don’t have a prosthetic currently and you need to wait to get one, or if you only have a solid packer, you don’t have to let that prevent you from using Spouti™ at the urinal. In the wild wild restroom men don’t look at the person standing next to them. Simply stand close to the urinal and your body will shield you as you go, even IF someone forgets their manners and peeks. It is always up to you to decide how best to remain safe, but we don’t use any tube covers here and have encountered zero complications in the restroom as a result.


It can work with the STP you have now! 🙌🏻 🎥: @officiallyaaronc_ #bathrooms #ftmstp #packer #standtopee #myspouti #stp

♬ Made 4 - Vincent Mason

Made With Care

We created Spouti™ because WE needed an STP that worked. We’ve worked hard on making this the best product not just for standing to pee, but providing gender euphoria. Now that we have created an STP that we know WE can use – it’s time for YOU to go out and conquer the restroom like a man! We greatly appreciate your support and we hope that Spouti™ fills every criteria you have in an STP.

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