Welcome to the Spouti page for Enbys!

This page shares extra tid-bits about Spouti™ specifically tailored for non-binary and genderqueer peeps. We know that all too often pages that sell STPs forget that you exist and cater towards a mainly FTM and masculine audience. So we have made you a space all your own!

No gendered terms to deal with. No judgement for being “too femme” or “too masc”. Just you being you.

Transition comes with a variety of challenges. Using the restroom shouldn’t have to be one of them. This is 2020 after all. I spent 4 years of my life trying to find an STP solution that suited my needs, and I just couldn’t find one. Either it was too expensive for me to even think about trying, or I gave it a shot and it was awful. Leaks, spills, mortification… Harnesses… I’ve spent 4+ years looking over STP devices and they are, very clearly, made for trans men.

That’s fine for me, but I felt like you should have a device that was made to maximize your freedom of choice. Maybe you want to STP because it helps alleviate your dysphoria, but maybe having a penis doesn’t help you and you feel like packers are uncomfortable. Maybe you want a penis one day, but the next not so much. You should not be pigeon-holed into an absolute just because everyone else finds that easier.


“But how does it work?”

Spouti™ is an external product. It sits between the sides of your front area. Placing your finger of your urethra, you will want to aim to center the cup so that the urethra is in the center.


When I wear Spouti™ every day muscle memory kicks in and I can place Spouti™ in literally 20 seconds. I timed myself. Recorded it too!

When I haven’t work Spouti™ in a week or so it takes me a few tries to remember where it goes. This placement is 100% unique to you.

To Pack Or Not To Pack

The decision to wear Spouti™ is not the same as the decision to wear a packer. Not everyone who wants to STP is looking for a prosthetic penis – and packing should never be a requirement to STP

Spouti™ does not come with a penile prosthetic. We are looking into the possibility of partnering Spouti™ with current packer producers, however that is a ways off at this time. Until then, if you are interested in packing and you don’t already have a packer handy I recommend purchasing something Like This for a more realistic look. These sleeves are lightweight and can be found in various skin tones.

You can also run the tube through most of the hollow packers you might have already purchased. My Spouti, LLC does not guarantee that Spouti™ will operate effectively with any other prosthetics but we encourage you to test them out!

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A Message From The Founder

We greatly appreciate your support and we hope that Spouti™ fills every criteria you have in an STP. I am not myself non-binary. I can only observe the added nuances of your struggles with the world from a 3rd-party perspective. If you have any suggestions, things you'd love to see here, images that would make this place more welcoming please don't hesitate to reach out and made some suggestions! This business is ultimately worthless if you aren't happy.

Kellen BerryFounder