Double the Spouti™, Double the Fun!

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Spouti™ is the next generation in stand to pee devices.

Spouti™ creates a seal around the urethra using soft, flexible silicone.

Each Spouti™ comes equipped with 10 inches of exit tubing. Simply place the opening over your urethra and you are ready to roll!

Washing with antibacterial soap before placement is required.

Patent Pending

Shipping is included within the United States

*Color may vary from final production Teal. See Terms and Conditions and for refunds and  review our Shipping Policies for more information regarding shipping stipulations and custom fees.

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Spouti™ gathered a lot of interest during the Kickstarter! For the next month we are offering pre-orders at Kickstarter prices. Sign up and get details on our progress as Spouti™ goes into production. Be the first to know when production begins, when the samples are inspected, and when shipping your Spouti™ is scheduled to begin!

Weight 3.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 mm

Double the Spouti™, Double the Fun!

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Help us Pick the Perfect Spouti™ Colors! Xometry makes it possible to create multiple Spouti™ colors per run - Vote on your favorite Spouti™ color so we pick the right color for you!

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