One Box – Twice the Spouti™


Get twice the Spouti™ in one box and save $20 bucks off an individual order!

Equipped with 10 inches of exit tubing, Spouti™ creates a seal around the urethra using soft, flexible silicone taking you Stand to Pee experience to a whole new level of comfort and security.
Our patent pending technology allows you to wear Spouti™ all day long for a leak free STP experience!

Simply place the opening over your urethra and you are ready to roll!

Each Spouti™ is crafted with LSR compliant with the following silicone quality regulations: FDA food safe, RoHS, & REACH

This package includes (2) Spouti™, (2) Replacement Tube, and (2) Instructional Brochure

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Customers who purchase Spouti™ are entitled to free placement consultation to ensure your STP experience exceeds your expectations

Washing with antibacterial soap before placement is required.

Spouti™ is not recommended for overnight wear.

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Patent Pending

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Spouti™ is a portable urinary device that actually works with your body. Our patent pending product sits against the urethra, using your body to hold it in place. It is non-invasive and directs the urine away from the body immediately. As a result, there are zero leaks, leaving you completely dry without needing to wipe. Stop sitting on gross toilets and struggling with public accommodations using STPs that don’t quite meet the mark. Allow Spouti™ – The Leak Free STP to help you live your life leak free!

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Weight 5.1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Spouti™ – The Leak Free STP




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