• Xometry CAD Analysis
  • Xometry Mold Mod Quote
  • Mold Mod Quote Approval
  • Xometry Modifies the Mold
  • Xometry Ships 2nd Sample Set
  • Sample Set Testing and Approval

  • Xometry Begins 1st Production Round
  • Xometry Ships Spouti Parts
  • Spouti is Assembled and Shipped to You!

The Mold Is On Its Way!


Time for another update folks! 

Xometry is working on fabrication!

So where does that leave us?

Do to the extensive testing we did with the samples previously we had a chat with our engineers at Xometry.
In order to save another 2 weeks on fabrication time we are going to go ahead and roll out the full order! We currently have an estimated shipping date – from Xometry to our assembly location – set for

March 20th!


Once the parts arrive at our assembly we will immediately begin assembling and shipping Spouti out! I estimate that will begin March 25th – but until the actual shipment arrives that is just an estimate.

But that means we are on track! I am super excited to get these shipped out and I know you are too!

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