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Samantha Kent – Verified Spouti Tester – UK

With my disability I have had to learn very quickly the importance of being free to pee. Quite often I find disabled facilities lacking in many areas so a few years ago I began looking into STP devices. STP Stands for Stand to Pee although with my use that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to stand.

Some of the devices on the market are internal. A little known fact about the bladder is that it’s own system is very sensitive and is not good with coping with foreign bodies and is very susceptible to infection. I have used catheters for a few years now but sometimes if I’m not in retention I enjoy the satisfaction of relieving my self naturally. Catheters take that simple basic satisfaction from you!

Other STP devices on the market are external and are like a shaped funnel, the bad thing about them is they are very prone to leaking, If your in public taking it out to clean and putting it on to use then washing can be cumbersome and it’s not the nicest experience to have one of them knocking around in your bag.

The Spouti takes inspiration from both internal and external devices in the best way possible. It can be worn long term so if you were to fit it in the morning you should still have use of it come mid day with a little adjustment perhaps. This means you only need to take the tube out of your pants and direct it at the toilet, urinate, and shake it off. The funnel system is unlike any other I’ve come across as it presses directly against the urethra between the labia but the soft silicone is not uncomfortable as you might imagine it to be. I’ve had it in place while driving around on my mobility scooter and whilst it was there there was no chafing, rubbing or anything like that.

If you wish you could use a drop of lube to help prevent rubbing but I found that caused it to slip out of place and was unnecessary. It can take a few attempts to get right but once you work out how to fit it, placement becomes easy.

One of the best uses I have found so far is filling up urine samples for the Dr! Much less mess. Another time I have used it recently was when the disabled toilets on a train were broken. I managed to get to a regular toilet and pee with ease. I’m looking forward to using it camping or on long car journeys in future.

I would genuinely recommend this device for any one who has issues with public bathrooms. I can’t stop recommending it to all the people I know. Postage was immensely quick too, It was posted to me in the UK from the USA and it took perhaps a week.

Villie – Verified Spouti Tester – US

I love the box! Managed to get it to work on the first try and I can already tell this things going to be life-changing!

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