Stop wasting money and get an STP that WORKS

Spouti's patent pending design utilizes soft, biocompatible silicone to stop leaks where they begin - your urethra

Ordinary STP devices struggle with backwash and overspill. Spouti offers the best fluid dynamics ensuring urine goes in one direction - out the tube and into the toilet


Hydrophobic tubing flushes every droplet away from your body. Wear Spouti all day, never wipe once, and walk away completely dry

Spouti has your back so you never have to expose your rear, no matter how far your adventures take you

They sprinkle where they tinkle, but they are never neat and wipe the seat. Never sit on a public toilet to pee again


Spouti is gender neutral. No matter who you are, if you would like to STP, Spouti fits your style


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Samantha UK

The need to pee is such a basic thing and Spouti helps. If you are someone who struggles I don't see why you shouldn't look into it. I genuinely recommend this device for any one who has issues with public bathrooms. I can’t stop recommending it to all the people I know!

Hayden US

The silicone used on the blue piece that connects to your urethra is very soft and comfortable. It is able to be worn for long hours and you forget it is even there. It stays in place very well as long as the placement is correct. There is a small adjustment period of getting used to it, especially if you have used another STP in the past and had issues. My Spouti, LLC has worked hard to perfect this product so it’s not only comfortable, it actually works!

Villi US

I love the box! Managed to get it to work on the first try and I can already tell this things going to be life-changing!


Xander US

There are a few moments during transition that stand out as memorably euphoric... The first time I peed standing up made me feel so whole. I can’t thank Spouti enough for helping me reaffirm my true self!

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