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Ditch Leaky Funnels and Invasive Catheters* - Order Spouti™ Today!

*Spouti™ can be used to replace invasive catheters. This requires the ability to voluntarily open the urethra.
Spouti™ can also be used to alleviate accidents related to incontinence.
Spouti™ is crafted through Silicone Injection Molding, creating an interface that can be re-used over and over, while being soft enough that you can wear it on a bicycle!
The Cup portion of Spouti™ creates a seal around your urethra, so placement is key! Best trick in the book? Push the cup back a bit further than you think – works like a charm every time!
Spouti™ comes pre-assembled with 10″ tubing, but we also have a 20″ tubing replacement option – Great for cath bags and for relieving yourself from a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Don’t struggle to stand, then sit, then stand, and then sit again. Snag the add-on pack! (and check out our friends at
While the Stand to Pee function is heavily marketed, Spouti™ can be used while in a seated position, and with an ID of 1/4inch it can be pressed onto most 1/2inch catheter bag connecters for day-long confidence!

Spouti™ is crafted to fit your body like a glove – Place Spouti™ over your urethra in the morning when you get up. It creates an external, leak-free seal so you can access the restroom at will, wherever you go, ALL DAY LONG!!

No more leaks or blockages, no post-use wiping, no more invasive catheters* – just unzip, aim, and go!

This is Spouti™

We've been where you are! After spending hundreds of dollars on crappy funnels and experiencing painful catheter blockages, we realized it was time to take matters into our own hands!

Spouti™ was engineered with love to eliminate barriers to the restroom. Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, comes with 10 (or 20) inches of highly flexible tubing, and is made with soft, FDA approved silicone to ensure you get the most comfortable and reliable experience we can offer.

No Leaks, No Backflow

Spouti™ ensures that urine goes in ONE DIRECTION: Out the tube and into the toilet (or collection bag!). Never back into your pants - no matter your size!

No Toilet Paper Needed

Spouti™ can be worn for 10+ continuous hours but you walk away completely dry every time. No pre-use adjusting needed, and no post-use wiping required!

Inclusion AND Accessibility

Spouti™ can be used by any AFAB persons (Assigned F at Birth). Additionally, Spouti™ can be used directly from a wheelchair or other assistive device, and connects directly to most 1/2inch urinary collection bags. Sitting or Standing - no matter where you are - If you would like a leak free restroom experience, Spouti™ will fit your style!

Spouti™ will change your life, but don't take it from us! Watch the videos, read the reviews, and hit us up for more info!

@myspouti Want to know how our Spout'™ works? Peep this video! Throw your Spouti on and be completely leak-free! @officiallyaaronc_ ##m#myspoutil#lgbtqpridel#loveislovet#transproducts#transbodypositivitydisabilitypride ♬ Burn - Official Sound Studio
@myspouti Did you know we offer help via sign language to get you successfully using Spouti! 😊 #Spouti #restroom #stp #transguys #Ciswomen #trans #mobilityissues #nonbinary #transgender #afab ♬ smiles & sunsets - ultmt.

Meet Spouti™ - Glue Free, Leak Free External Urethral Interface

Whether you're living stealth, enjoying camping and road trips, or just sick of sitting where the last hoverer "sprinkled" - Then Spouti™ is right for you. It helps to do a quick check - if you can see that your urethra is just above the vaginal entrance then Spouti™ will be a great fit! Got some questions about your anatomy and Spouti™? Contact Us - we're here for you. Everything discussed is confidential, and we'll take your lead on any language preferences to ensure every chat is a great one!


Jude - Spouti™ Lets Me Use The Restroom From My Wheelchair!

I have used Spouti™ since it’s original launch on Kickstarter. As a bigger guy, it’s literally the only STP on the market that I can pack AND pee with. I spent literal thousands on other STPs but either they were soft enough to pack with but also for my thighs to crush mid-stream, or they were hard plastic that could withstand my thighs but were not practical to pack with for obvious reasons. And with Spouti™, there’s the bonus of not having to move it in and out of place all day and not having to worry about drips or back flow. I’m also an ambulatory wheelchair user, and Spouti™ has been amazing for days when I really need to stay in my chair, because I don’t even have to transfer out of my chair, I can just keep Spouti™ in place all day, and “go” when I need to straight from my chair!


Spouti™ Is The Only STP That Doesn't Leak!

Spouti™ is actually the only thing that doesn't make me pee all over myself. The cup makes a seal directly over the urethra, so right up in there. There's no chance for any leakage bc the only place for pee to go is down the tube.


Personalized Coaching Success

I can vouch for the extra coaching leading to success 👌


Villi - First Round Spouti™ Purchase

I love the box! Managed to get it to work on the first try and I can already tell this thing is going to be life-changing!


Holy mother of god, guys - Spouti™ is a godsend! [Reddit Review]

I can finally STP normally and without the constant fear of pissing all over myself. So I'd like write a bit of a review since I haven't seen any yet. To start off with, I have the Tommy 4-in-1 STP device and I've gotten ok at using it. But I could never get over the fear of using it while wearing clothes. I was always afraid that I'd piss on myself... Standing to pee has been one of my biggest sources of dysphoria.. But I finally got my Spouti™ and it only took two tries to get it right and I leaked only once. That was it. I was actually able to pee just now with my underwear on and I didn't get anything anywhere except the toilet. I actually threaded the tubing it comes with through my Tommy STP and that and the harness keep it perfectly in place. I even tried going on a walk with it and it never moved. It stayed right where it was supposed to. I walked around the apartment, sat down, stood up, no movement. I'm just really excited right now because I'm finally starting to really feel like the man I am and I feel like this really helped!


Hayden | USA

The silicone used on the piece that connects to your urethra is very soft and comfortable. It’s worn for long hours and you forget it’s even there!


Spouti™ Works Well For Hiking and Kayaking

I use it on the regular. Love it. Works well, does what it’s supposed to and I don’t have to wear my packer all the time. I’ve used it hiking and kayaking and it’s done fine.


Spouti™ Is The STP I've Been Waiting For!

I got mine today! I just tested it and everything went perfect on the first try!! This is the product I’ve been waiting for! Thank you!


Easiest STP I've Tried

I got my Spouti™ and I’ll say this. It works! It’s the easiest STP I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many. Spouti™ beats them all in ease of use. Clearing the tube takes practice. Be sure to read all the How-To Articles and Watch the Coaching videos for the best experience!


If At First You Don't Succeed - You Will!!

Everyone don’t get discouraged!! I got mine right on the 4th try and it was amazing!!!


Remember - It's Physics, Not Magic!

Got mine yesterday! Definitely trial and error but I think I'm getting the hang of it by the third try. Patience is key. 😉


Bought One, Got One For A Friend!

Works PERFECTLY! Best thing I've ever bought for my transition, hands down! I bought on day one of the Kickstarter and bought a second for my friend and I have ZERO regrets! I absolutely love it 😍



There are a few moments during transition that stand out as memorably euphoric… The first time I peed standing up made me feel so whole. I can’t thank Spouti™ enough for helping me reaffirm my authentic self.


Ben - Exuberant and Ready for Travel!

When the package arrived I was amazed that it was already here!!! I did 3 practices during the day and I kept remembering the line on the website "it's not magic but physics". I fell asleep, woke up at 3am and the practice paid off! It really did feel like magic! I'm so happy and amazed - my head is still processing how frreeaaaking awesome Spouti™ is and what it means for my trip/rest of life!!

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