Meet Spouti™

The Ultimate STP
No muss, no fuss
No leaks, no wiping

Spouti™ has been engineered to give you the smoothest STP experience. Shorter than a stick of gum, Spouti™ measures at 3cm long and is made with medical grade silicone for guaranteed biocompatibility and maximum comfort

Spouti™  comes with 10 inches of highly flexible tubing giving you access to quick, sanitary urination anywhere. Take Spouti™ on a 22-mile backpacking trip along the AT, or out to your favorite club. Spouti™ will have your back so you don't have to expose your rear!

While Spouti™ is branded to offer the luxury of standing to pee, Spouti™ also enables you to access public facilities without leaving your wheelchair! We would love to answer any questions you have about how Spouti™ can work for you so please reach out!

Enter Spouti™ - a unique brand of STP

Universal ability to stand to pee is growing in popularity around the world. Public toilets are gross! No one wants to sit on a toilet seat someone else just used. Some of us don't want to sit to pee to begin with. Did you know that it's faster to pee while standing than it is to pee while sitting? I've scouted around the STP market myself, looking for something that would let me stand to pee consistently. But honestly? I didn't find what I was looking for. Everything out there was too expensive, too frustrating, and too much the same as every other device I tried out.

The core concept behind the Stand-To-Pee (STP) device is simple: Give someone the ability to pee while standing.

We rejected the traditional funnel approach that has been recycled over and over. Sick of mortifying leaks, awkward usability, and uncomfortable urine deposits - we decided it was time to make an STP that actually works

Spouti™ eliminates STP woes at the source - Your urethra! Position the soft cup directly over your urethra to create a seamless pathway for urine and stays in place all day long 

When you feel nature calling simply unzip, aim the 10 inch flexible silicone tubing towards the receptacle of your choice, and go on with your life

No muss, no fuss, no leaks, and absolutely no wiping

If you are tired of sitting to pee in unpleasant public restrooms and tired of STPs that don't quite meet the mark - pick up Spouti™ and never sit to pee again. Allow us to share our STP experience with you. Grab yourself a Spouti™. No tricks or gimmicks - just put it on and pee. Oh - and then come back and let us know how it went! Nothing makes our day more than hearing that you conquered the restroom with Spouti™!

We have a ton of great information about Spouti™ and how to STP.
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In addition - While Spouti™ has been branded to assist people who wish to stand to pee, Spouti™ has been tested by a variety of users, including people who need to use wheelchair accessible restrooms. For people who rely on wheelchairs, Spouti™ can offer you greater accessibility! Just as if you were going to STP, you will place Spouti™ over your urethra. The 10 inches of tubing can then be used to direct urine into a toilet while you remain seated in your chair.

No one should have to sit on a gross toilet seat. Whether you want to stand, or whether you need to sit.
Let Spouti™ give you the luxury of choice
Never sit to pee on a gross toilet again!

Spouti™ gathered a lot of interest during the Kickstarter! For the next month we are offering pre-orders at Kickstarter prices. Sign up and get details on our progress as Spouti™ goes into production. Be the first to know when production begins, when the samples are inspected, and when shipping your Spouti™ is scheduled to begin!