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Ditch Leaky Funnels and Invasive Catheters* - Order Spouti™ Today!

*Spouti™ can be used to replace invasive catheters. This requires the ability to voluntarily open the urethra.
Spouti™ can also be used to alleviate accidents related to incontinence.

Spouti™ is crafted to fit your body like a glove – Place Spouti™ over your urethra in the morning when you get up. It creates an external, leak-free seal so you can access the restroom at will, wherever you go, ALL DAY LONG!!

No more leaks or blockages, no post-use wiping, no more invasive catheters* – just unzip, aim, and go!

This is Spouti™

We've been where you are! After spending hundreds of dollars on crappy funnels and experiencing painful catheter blockages, we realized it was time to take matters into our own hands!

Spouti™ was engineered with love to eliminate barriers to the restroom. Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, comes with 10 (or 20) inches of highly flexible tubing, and is made with soft, FDA approved silicone to ensure you get the most comfortable and reliable experience we can offer.

No Leaks, No Backflow

Spouti™ ensures that urine goes in ONE DIRECTION: Out the tube and into the toilet (or collection bag!). Never back into your pants - no matter your size!

No Toilet Paper Needed

Spouti™ can be worn for 10+ continuous hours but you walk away completely dry every time. No pre-use adjusting needed, and no post-use wiping required!

Inclusion AND Accessibility

Spouti™ can be used by any AFAB persons (Assigned F at Birth). Additionally, Spouti™ can be used directly from a wheelchair or other assistive device, and connects directly to most 1/2inch urinary collection bags. Sitting or Standing - no matter where you are - If you would like a leak free restroom experience, Spouti™ will fit your style!

Spouti™ will change your life, but don't take it from us! Watch the videos, read the reviews, and hit us up for more info!

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