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The key to placing Spouti™ is to locate your urethra!
Finding your urethra can take a couple of tries so let’s break it down to make that process easier!

Most of us aren’t quite familiar with where things are located down there – so take a moment to check it out. A quick look with a mirror can help you find your urethra. It might sound gross – but take it into the shower and watch where the urine comes from. If you put a little pressure on the area you will notice it feels a bit like a donut. You might also feel a little bit like you need to pee.

The urethra is roughly 1cm above the vaginal opening. Some people find their urethra to be a bit higher, or even almost tucked inside the opening. The cup should be place over your urethra with the body pointing upwards, towards your pubic bone, as seen in the pictures below.

(Pro Tip – put your finger on your urethra, then place the cup over your finger – give the back of the cup a nudge juuust a bit farther back to get that perfect centering!)

Soft silicone cup that seals arund the urethra
The body is shaped to stabilize Spouti so it doesn’t shift as you move
The exit tubing is flexible and can handle even heavy flows!

So first steps for placement! You want to be able to locate your urethra to the point where you can put your finger on it. If you feel right above the opening to the vaginal canal – right before it “drops off” – you should notice the urethra. It sort of feels like a little donut shaped hole.

We recommend that people do this laying down the first few times because it really helps open everything up.

Ensure that everything is nice and dry – this is essential for a good seal.

You may need to scoop your finger along the sides of the cup and help the labia wrap around more comfortably.

With your finger still on your urethra center Spouti™ over your finger. You may need to push the edge deeper in order to get the actual center of the cup over your urethra. Depending on how far back your urethra is, you may notice the rim of the cup might kind of wrap around the “edge” where the “drop off” is.

Once you get Spouti™ over your finger you will likely need to push out the edges of the cup to ensure proper placement. You want to make sure the cup isn’t squished in on itself.

Release a small amount of urine into the tube to test placement and seal. We recommend testing this out in the shower the first few times! Once you’re stream is solid, without any leaks, you are good to go!

Many people want to stand with their legs shoulder width apart, but the closer, the better. No cowboy stances or your Spouti™ won’t stay in place!!

The support of your anatomy and your thighs is essential to keeping Spouti™ in place. It is important to keep your legs together while you are using Spouti™.

Placement may take a few tries to get right, so above all else: Be patient with yourself! This is physics, not magic 🙂

Once you understand how to put Spouti™ on, you’ll find it takes only seconds. And DO NOT FORGET we are here to coach you through any struggles! If you need any advice reach out and we will get you peeing like a pro!

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