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You've got questions? We've got answers!

How does Spouti™ stay attached? Can you really wear it all day long?

Spouti™ stays in place via 2 factors: Support from the labia which form a cradle and  supportive pressure from the thighs. The shape of the tab keeps Spouti™ from shifting to the right or left. These combine to allows Spouti™ to remain in place without shifting, during most physical activities. 

We also have a couple of great videos on YouTube that offer some visual explanations!

This video discusses how to put Spouti™ on:

This video goes over some of the specs:

Do you have to carry Spouti™ around after you use it?

Say goodbye to gross carry cases! Spouti™ was designed to be comfortable enough to wear for 8 to 10 hours at a time! So you simply put Spouti™ on in the morning and wear it until you get home/go to bed.

We do not recommend wearing it overnight. Seriously – things need to air out down there to ensure you stay healthy. Take Spouti™ off at night!!

Some people need to do a brief intro period where they wear Spouti™ for smaller amounts of time so their body can adapt. Things are sensitive down there so be sure to listen to your body and take it slow if you need to!

How do I put Spouti™ on?

Spouti™ is designed to gently surround your urethra, but finding your urethra can take a minute or two, so we suggest taking a moment to check yourself out in front of the mirror. Place Spouti™ over the urethra so it is roughly in the middle of the cup. Gently push any skin back, allowing it to wrap around the body.

Head over to for a more detailed visual description or check out our blog page for a more in-depth discussion on placement.

Still stuck? Reach out to us and we’ll get you setup with some personal coaching – you’ll be peeing like a pro in no time!

Do you have to restrict pee flow to avoid overflowing?

Nope! The tubing we use is an extremely flexible silicone designed for pressurized liquid machines like sodas, soaps, etc. You can have the “bar-pees” while wearing Spouti™ and hit that bathroom with success! Because Spouti™ sits directly against your urethra there isn’t anywhere for urine to go except out the tube, so no backsplash or overflow!

Let me clarify this by reminding you that Spouti™ is held in place by physics, not magic. I always recommend a test pee and remember to keep your legs together! And we truly mean together – No cowboy stance or your Spouti™ won’t stay in place!

Can thicker built people use Spouti™?

Unlike most STPs which are large funnels that encompass your entire lower area, Spouti™ fits between the labia and uses the thighs to provide the needed support. We engineered Spouti™ to be as small as possible so it can be used by a range of body sizes without concern and, in this case, having a little extra thigh is beneficial!

If you feel like your Spouti™ needs a little adjustment or isn’t fitting quiiiiite right – reach out and let us know! We can discuss whether our tab modification is right for you!

Will I get a UTI?

You MUST be certain that Spouti™ is clean before you put it on. Even though Spouti™ is made with FDA approve, biocompatible silicone it MUST be cleaned regularly, the same way you would clean any other object that comes into regular contact with bodily fluids.

Spouti™ lives on, and around an extremely sensitive area, so take extra care to ensure it stays clean! When you take Spouti™ off you will want to rinse it with warm water. Antibacterial soap is recommended. Ensure that all surfaces are fully lathered and fully rinsed.

When you purchase Spouti™ you agree to assume all responsibility for consequences caused by poor cleaning habits. If you do not clean Spouti™ thoroughly before each use, please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

That being said, we have tested Spouti™ using a variety of cleanliness schedules and have had absolutely zero reports of UTIs in the year and a half we have been testing!

Can you make it look realistic? Will you make a prosthetic?

My Spouti™, LLC has a mission to allow everyone the opportunity to stand to pee so Spouti™ is gender neutral. This makes it as accessible as possible for binary and nonbinary people, transgender or cisgender. Creating a realistic prosthetic would take us away from our main objective (not to mention – I have a lot of skills but prosthetics isn’t one of them!). That being said – Spouti™ comes with 10 inches of extremely flexible tubing which can be threaded through almost any stp packer out there.

For transmasculine folks looking for further information head over to the “Tailored Tips” page.

How will I know I'm ready for a real world test drive?

Once you think Spouti™ is in place – do a test in your shower to ensure that you are not too far forward or backward. If you notice shuddering or shaking during heavier streams it usually means that the cup is too far back and you haven’t sealed around your urethra properly. If you leak during testing go ahead and remove Spouti™, dry off any wetness, and reseat it. You want Spouti™ to go on dry to ensure you don’t irritate your skin.

Ultimate rule of thumb: If it feels like Spouti™ is out of place – it probably is. If you are not certain of the placement, take it off, place it, then give it a test.

And don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for advice! After two years of practice we know all the tricks!

How long does Spouti™ take to ship?

We ship out orders the next week day after the order has been placed depending on how late the order was made.

If you are in the US it typically takes 2-3 days to ship, and if you are overseas it will typically sit in customs for a couple of weeks.

When we print your shipping label you will receive an email with your tracking number. If you are overseas you will be able to use the US Post Office to track the package until it leaves the country, at which point you can begin tracking it at your local post office web site!

Didn’t get to see the coaching overview video? No worries! Check it out to your left! Don’t forget to read our How-To Articles and our Tailored Tips for more great info!

Tips and Tricks

Time To Try It Out

You’ve read the tips, you’ve watched the video, you’ve tested Spouti™ at home, and you’ve gotten placement

The next step is to take it for a spin! Next time you head out to the store, work, the wilderness. Wear Spouti™ and enjoy your new and freeing public restroom experience.

If you have ANY questions we are here to help! Reach out to us through our social messengers or through our email for personalized coaching to maximize your experience. After 3 years of testing and use we know all the tricks and are happy to share that knowledge with you!

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