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We are dedicated to the quality of your Spouti™ and to keeping you in the loop! Which is why we take the time to ensure your Spouti™ is perfect, and why we insist on high-level transparency and customer focused information – So here it is!


Production Has Begun Again!

Xometry Begins Production Redux - May 19

Factory Ships Parts

Spouti™ Shipped to Our Assembly and Shipping Location - May 27th

Spouti™ Arrives

Spouti™ Arrives For Assembly and Shipping - June 8th

Spouti™ Ships

Spouti™ Shipped to You!! - June 10th

Let the Progress Begin Anew!

Samples Have Arrived and Production is Underway!!

Yesterday we received our final set of Spouti™ samples and we have officially approved the new production round!

It has been a long journey but we are in the final stages of our official launch! Xometry is currently crafting Spouti parts and will be gathering as many as they can produce to ship out to us, potentially on the 27th. If shipping routes hold we expect to receive a shipment around June 8th which we can begin immediately assembling and shipping.

Last month we reached this point, we got the taste of the finish line, and this coming month the end is in sight!!

2 years ago Spouti™ was nothing more than a couple tubes of moldable silicone and a dream. We wrote a patent, designed the packaging, forged relationships with so many amazing people and now? To be so close! I want to thank everyone who chose to put their faith in us, to make a pre-order, and who have stuck by our side this whole journey! You are an amazing source of motivation and inspiration. You sent in your votes on colors, and you offered your support for the clear Spouti™ when we found that we could not produce Spouti™ in colors.

You had our back when we had to put on the brakes and modify the design. That was a cost we definitely weren’t expecting, and a cost we could afford because of your support.

I may have invented Spouti™, and I’m definitely the one stewing over it every night and day, but it is your faith and support that made this possible.

From the Kickstarter to our Production Launch, from the depths of my heart I thank you!

My Spouti. LLC

My Spouti. LLC

Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, is roughly half an ounce in weight, and is made with soft, biocompatible, FDA approved silicone. Spouti™ uses fluid dynamics to eliminate backflow, allowing the user to void on-demand and remain completely dry. Our form-fitting design is completely comfortable for continuous and prolonged wear. The support of the labia and the pressure of the thighs keeps Spouti™ in place, the application of silicone tape can create a stronger hold for users as needed. While the main application for Spouti™ is to allow female users to void while standing - typically in a backpacking type environment, several of our current users wear Spouti™ from their wheelchairs. Placement requires the user to locate their urethra and center it beneath the cup. This typically takes 20-30 seconds once the user has become familiar with placement. Spouti™ is simple to clean. After removal and/or before placement, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Spouti™ can also be boiled if desired.