• Xometry CAD Analysis
  • Xometry Mold Mod Quote
  • Mold Mod Quote Approval
  • Xometry Modifies the Mold
  • Xometry Ships 2nd Sample Set
  • Sample Set Testing and Approval
  • Xometry Begins 1st Production Round
  • Xometry Ships Spouti Parts


  • Spouti Parts Arrive at Assembly Location
  • Spouti is Assembled and Shipped to You!

Xometry Has Shipped!

Time for another update folks! 

Xometry shipped our parts!

We attempt to bring you each new update as they come in. We feel that you deserve to be kept in the loop! 

It seems our long wait is about to be over! Xometry has shipped the Spouti parts from their factory – it is now a matter of time before we can begin assembly and shipping on our end!

We will make an announcement here, and on our other social platforms, once we have received the parts so stay tuned!

Once your Spouti™ has shipped you should receive an email with your tracking number, we have had some test results that suggests it may get caught in your spam filter so be sure to check once the announcements have been sent out.

It’s been a long journey – thank you so much for taking it with us!

Let’s get ready to break out the champagne!!

My Spouti. LLC

My Spouti. LLC

Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, is roughly half an ounce in weight, and is made with soft, biocompatible, FDA approved silicone. Spouti™ uses fluid dynamics to eliminate backflow, allowing the user to void on-demand and remain completely dry. Our form-fitting design is completely comfortable for continuous and prolonged wear. The support of the labia and the pressure of the thighs keeps Spouti™ in place, the application of silicone tape can create a stronger hold for users as needed. While the main application for Spouti™ is to allow female users to void while standing - typically in a backpacking type environment, several of our current users wear Spouti™ from their wheelchairs. Placement requires the user to locate their urethra and center it beneath the cup. This typically takes 20-30 seconds once the user has become familiar with placement. Spouti™ is simple to clean. After removal and/or before placement, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Spouti™ can also be boiled if desired.