• Xometry CAD Analysis
  • Xometry Mold Mod Quote
  • Mold Mod Quote Approval
  • Xometry Modifies the Mold
  • Xometry Ships 2nd Sample Set
  • Sample Set Testing and Approval
  • Xometry Begins 1st Production Round
  • Xometry Ships Spouti Parts
  • Spouti is Assembled and Shipped to You!

Hello! Welcome to the Spouti Newsstand!

Here we plan to keep everyone updated on our progress!


First off – thank you for supporting us! It has been a crazy ride getting Spouti put together and I am very excited about the upcoming steps!

So – Recap! On january 7th we got our first professional sample parts from Xometry – we did an unboxing video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5i0o_FmKnA

I personally tested the samples for a couple of days and found that the silicone softness that we originally wanted was not viable. The cup was too thin with this silicone so sides of the cup folded in, eliminating the seal. This was obviously not acceptable.

We had a 2nd set of harder silicone samples, Shore10 (versus the Shore5 we wanted) I made an in-shop modification to this model and found a solution!

I talk about that in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgJWi27ca1s

On Friday, February 14th we sent in an updated CAD model to Xometry for analysis – once they come back with the quote we will get them to modify the mold!

Once the modification is complete we will review a second set of samples. I am extremely confident in the success of this modification and I expect that we will be able to get approval through quickly so we can move on to the actual production stage!

As we move forward we will continue to update this page with posts, letting you know what step we are on, what we think of the samples, and any dates that we can confidently offer.

Thank you for your support, for your patience, and for joining us on this journey!

Stay tuned!!

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