Quality is what matters most

We are dedicated to the quality of your Spouti which is why we will take this time to ensure we get the products made correctly and why we insist on a high level of transparency and customer focused information


Quality Control

Xometry Sends T3 Shore 20 Samples

Testing Completed

My Spouti, LLC Approves T3 Samples

Parts Produced

Xometry Begins 2nd Round Production

Parts Assembled and Shipped

Spouti Arrives and We Ship Out Orders

Spouti™ Material Updates

Time for another update


Resolving the Error & Getting Back On Track

A couple of weeks ago we learned our Spouti parts were made with the incorrect material – it was a rough day for us, and we definitely had to take a few deep breaths to remain positive. It was extremely difficult to believe we were so close to completing these orders, only to go all the way back to “testing samples again”. Yesterday the analysis returned and confirmed our suspicions.


It turns out the sample parts were accidentally made twice as hard: Shore 20 instead of Shore 10. We absolutely loved them! However, due to the nature of the mistake we have to test another set of these Shore 20 samples to ensure that when made intentionally they still meet our needs.


Getting these samples will take a couple of weeks. We are currently testing the Shore 10 Spouties just to be sure we can’t use them, but so far our feelings have remained the same: The current Spouties we have just aren’t holding up to standards. They are harder to place and prone to leaks – two issues that make them unacceptable. 


We learned several new things about Spouti™ that we had not previously known, and so far the process for resolving this error has been smooth, if somewhat slow. Between the sample testing and COVID-19 related shipping and factory delays we do not have the information necessary to give an estimate, but we expect another 4-8 weeks before we can ship out orders and as soon as we have stronger information we will make an announcement.

Every step forward is progress! Stay safe and stay home – Spouti™ will be here soon!

My Spouti. LLC

My Spouti. LLC

Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, is roughly half an ounce in weight, and is made with soft, biocompatible, FDA approved silicone. Spouti™ uses fluid dynamics to eliminate backflow, allowing the user to void on-demand and remain completely dry. Our form-fitting design is completely comfortable for continuous and prolonged wear. The support of the labia and the pressure of the thighs keeps Spouti™ in place, the application of silicone tape can create a stronger hold for users as needed. While the main application for Spouti™ is to allow female users to void while standing - typically in a backpacking type environment, several of our current users wear Spouti™ from their wheelchairs. Placement requires the user to locate their urethra and center it beneath the cup. This typically takes 20-30 seconds once the user has become familiar with placement. Spouti™ is simple to clean. After removal and/or before placement, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Spouti™ can also be boiled if desired.