• Xometry Sends Shipping Labels for 3rd Party Testing
  • Xometry Conveys Silicone Analysis Results
  • Xometry Begins Producing Corrected Parts
  • Spouti Parts Arrive at Assembly Location
  • Spouti is Assembled and Shipped to You!

Material Updates

Well folks, it would seem our journey will continue on a bit longer.

Last week we received a box of Spouti™ parts. You may have received an email update reporting the arrival of the parts or seen our YouTube video with the unboxing and assembly speed run. As we began assembling orders we noticed something unusual about the parts. A quick test confirmed that they were much softer than the sample parts we had approved a few weeks earlier.

It appears that the materials used were Shore 5 and not Shore 10. We are working closely with Xometry to begin testing the materials to confirm our suspicions, but until the testing is complete these are just that: suspicions. Physical comparison indicates fairly clearly that the material is significantly softer than the approved samples.

So, what does this mean for our timeline? Unfortunately we are estimating that this will put us behind another month. Currently our rough timeline is as follows:


1. Samples of the improper parts have been sent to a 3rd party testing facility. This will take at least a week and a half.


2. The 2nd half of the order will arrive April 20th. These parts are likely to be incorrect as well. If they are not we will send those out, but the chance is slim.


3. Once Xometry has confirmed the error we will order a 2nd run of the product. This will likely take 3 weeks to complete and another week to ship.


In short, unless the 2nd half of our batch comes in correctly we are looking at another month before we can begin a 2nd attempt at assembly and shipping.


Needless to say this is not the happy event we anticipated this month, but at least we have a plan and we have already begun the first steps toward a resolution.

As always our top priority is to deliver you a Spouti™ that is perfect. We will continue doing whatever it takes to fulfill that mission so that you never have to deal with leaking STPs again.



In The Meantime:

Enjoy this video demonstration!

There have been questions about how to clean Spouti™ – We recommend simply using hot water and soap, but we did a boil demonstration for fun! Spouti™ can be boiled if more stringent disinfectant measures are desired!

My Spouti. LLC

My Spouti. LLC

Spouti™ measures at 3cm long, is roughly half an ounce in weight, and is made with soft, biocompatible, FDA approved silicone. Spouti™ uses fluid dynamics to eliminate backflow, allowing the user to void on-demand and remain completely dry. Our form-fitting design is completely comfortable for continuous and prolonged wear. The support of the labia and the pressure of the thighs keeps Spouti™ in place, the application of silicone tape can create a stronger hold for users as needed. While the main application for Spouti™ is to allow female users to void while standing - typically in a backpacking type environment, several of our current users wear Spouti™ from their wheelchairs. Placement requires the user to locate their urethra and center it beneath the cup. This typically takes 20-30 seconds once the user has become familiar with placement. Spouti™ is simple to clean. After removal and/or before placement, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. Spouti™ can also be boiled if desired.