Spouti™ The Leak Free STP


Make your pre-order now and get your Spouti™ as soon as we can ship it! Please note that while Spouti has been tested for almost 2 years we are still in the final stages of professional production and are expecting our very first shipment to arrive at our assembly location the last week of March!

You will receive various updates regarding the progress of manufacturing as soon as we can get them to you and you are always welcome to email us for an independent update as well!

Spouti™ is the next generation in stand to pee devices. Each Spouti™ is crafted with LSR compliant with the following silicone quality regulations: FDA food safe, RoHS, & REACH

Equipped with 10 inches of exit tubing, Spouti™ creates a seal around the urethra using soft, flexible silicone. Simply place the opening over your urethra and you are ready to roll!

Washing with antibacterial soap before placement is required.

Spouti™ is not recommended for overnight wear.

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Patent Pending

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Spouti™ – The Leak Free STP




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