Spouti™ – The Leak Free Stand to Pee Device

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Equipped with 10 inches of exit tubing, Spouti™ creates a seal around the urethra using soft, flexible silicone taking you Stand to Pee experience to a whole new level of comfort and security.
Our patent pending technology allows you to wear Spouti™ all day long for a leak free STP experience!

Each Spouti™ is crafted with LSR compliant with the following silicone quality regulations: FDA food safe, RoHS, & REACH

Each package includes (1) Spouti™, (1) Replacement Tube, and (1) Instructional Brochure

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Simply place the opening over your urethra and you are ready to roll!

Customers who purchase Spouti™ are entitled to free placement consultation to ensure your STP experience exceeds your expectations

Washing with antibacterial soap before placement is required.

Spouti™ is not recommended for overnight wear.

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Patent Pending

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Spouti™ is a portable urinary device that actually works with your body. Our patent pending product sits against the urethra, using your body to hold it in place. It is non-invasive and directs the urine away from the body immediately. As a result, there are zero leaks, leaving you completely dry without needing to wipe. Stop sitting on gross toilets and struggling with public accommodations using STPs that don’t quite meet the mark. Allow Spouti™ – The Leak Free STP to help you live your life leak free!

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Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Spouti™ – The Leak Free STP



8 reviews for Spouti™ – The Leak Free Stand to Pee Device

  1. Casey Hillstrom

    This is the best STP I’ve ever used. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on trying to find an STP that works. My anatomy is set further back, so none of them ever sat in the right place for me. I tried and tried and just never got anywhere. After being so disappointed in STP’s, I thought I’d try the Spouti as a last ditch effort. I’m so glad I did. I got it on the second try since it’s so simple to use and the instructions are so thorough. I’m actually able to pee standing up now (did that for the first time in a public bathroom today!) and it threads perfectly through the other more realistic looking packers so everything looks and functions like a natural penis. If you’ve had issues with STP’s in the past, I’d urge you to try this one. There’s no mess and there’s not much of a learning curve unlike with the other ones. This product has lessened one of my worst forms of dysphoria and takes out all the anxiety of using public restrooms. Thank you for helping me so much and making my life so much better!

  2. Jesse

    After spending hundreds (if not thousands) looking for an STP that functioned properly and was comfortable for extended wear, this little tube has ended my hunt! Finally something light, flexible, comfortable and affordable to allow me to answer nature’s call wherever I may be.

    Thank you!

  3. B. Myla Davis

    This is my 1st STP and I am in love!!!!! It is super easy to use. I literally got it the 1st try. The only thing I have to work on it completely emptying the tube but I am positive I will get it with a little practice. Easy to use easy to clean. I highly recommend it!

  4. Ayden Burson

    I got my Spouti yesterday. I tried three times and had some pee go through but also leak. Turns out I was placing my junk in the hole. Just a tip, you want the tip to be right under your junk so it hangs over. I just got it on my forth try! And I absolutely love it so far! This will be life changing! Thank you so much to the owner of my Spouti and all the sufficient and quick help they provided! You should deffinetly order one of you haven’t!!

  5. Bray Berry

    This is the product I’ve been wishing for! Spouti is easy to use and comfortable. I was able to successfully use it on my FIRST try. If you’re like me and experience extreme anxiety when going to the bathroom in public, THIS is the product for you. Thank you so much for this great invention.

  6. Wolfman

    I LOVE my Spouti! I have always had trouble with other STPs and became very discouraged, especially in public restrooms. This STP really lives up to the “leak free” name! Placement was pretty easy to get down. The suction and seal it creates is amazing. I 100% recommend Spouti!

  7. tobyc1790

    Okay where to begin..
    Funnel style STPs have always been a problem for me and my thick thighs. The silicone rubs and chafes the entire time I’m wearing it… Then there’s the chance for back flow, learning to control the flow(which I’m no good at. If I need to pee, it has to be NOW… Not little trickles.)
    I gave up because all the other STPs are way too expensive to experiment with..

    But this?
    THIS magic little tube.
    I barely notice it’s there, it’s COMFORTABLE!

    For those of you picturing tampon nightmares like I did, lemme be the first to tell you that no.
    No there is no pain whatsoever involved in putting this on, at ALL.

    This is amazing, I’m so glad I bought one!

  8. ari.kenney

    I just wanted to reach out and tell you I received my Spouti today. I felt good investing in it because I too felt like there could be a better model for STP devices and wondered if there could be something that connected directly to the urethra without risk for infection/the need for an invasive procedure like a self catheterization device. This STP worked the very first try. No drips. No spills. Very intuitive. No need to control your flow or start-stop. The only learning curve I anticipate is with fully emptying the residual from the tube but even that is simple. Well done.

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